When I Grow Up..

the kooks
the kooks
the kooks

Recently came across an article in Men's Vogue from 2006 by Tim Adams. Loved this part:

In preparation for my tour with the Kooks, on a drive out to the coast with my two daughters, Daisy, seven, and Georgia, three, I played their precocious, compulsive CD. This proved slightly more problematic than anticipated.

"Why does he want to get under her dress, Daddy?" Daisy asked, early on.

"I'm not sure he said that."

"He did. He said: 'I will do my best just to get under her dress.' "

"Well, um, I guess it's kind of a dress-up costume thing . . ."

"But he's a boy, isn't he?"

"Yes, well, some boys like to, um . . ." I scanned the rest of the tracks for potential tricky questions. "Jackie Big Tits" did not look particularly family-friendly, so I skipped that and fast-forwarded through "Eddie's Gun" when it became apparent that it was a track about erectile dysfunction. In the end we stuck mainly to the safe territory of "Seaside," the album's infectious opener.

"Why does he want to fall in love at the seaside, Daddy?"

"Oh," I found myself saying, "that's what young men do."

Photos: mensvogue.com


  1. such a great shoot, i enjoyed the excerpt too.

  2. Lol soooo funnny :) I love the kooks!


  3. haha.. dat was funni. he's a dad btw??