Bloglovin': Like Google Reader but Better

Blog addict? Well just in case you're not using Bloglovin' yet, here's a quote from Karolina at Fashion Squad explaining how it works:

"I’ve tried google reader too, but this is WAY better. Google reader doesn’t let you read blogs in their real form - you miss all the comments, the layout etc. Plus with bloglovin’ you get this bar at the bottom of your browser which allows you to read a new blog entry, and then you push next and read the next unread post, and the next, and the next etc. It’s like flipping through a magazine with new post’s from your favorite blogs. Try it, I promise you’ll like it more than google’s lame reader"

Check out the video about and click here to follow LolitaSunglasses!


  1. You and your blog loving... i do love blogs.. but I dont know if I love them THAT much...

    At this stage Im too old (nearly 22) to adapt to this new technology, Im being overtaken by those damn techno kids

  2. Hey! I love Sophie Kinsella too! I have been waiting too long for them to turn it into a movie and now we are just 4 months away!!! Soo exciting!!!!!!!