Chuck Basstard...

chuck bass ed westwick

In need of a Chuck Bass fix?

Ed Westwick tell us what he thinks of his character's style in the newest issue of men's magazine Details:

'As Chuck, he oscillates between malice and unexpected decency, and rocks the freakiest wardrobe on TV: old-line yachtsman meets naughty schoolboy meets punk peacock.
"Chuck's just this vain kind of metrosexual Manhattan eccentric living in a flash world," Ed says. "He's young, and still figuring out the way he wants the world to see him. Those costumes are my right-hand man."

Source: November 2008 Details magazine


  1. Chuck has the best style. He always looks so dapper! I think Ed Westwick's personal style is great too.

  2. So true! I desperately wanted to make a collage but I don't have the software anymore!

  3. ahh i LOVE chuck!
    this is a hot picture of him!